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TrueStory 1

Ranjitha was a tribal(adivasi) girl. She lived in Kalkuthi pathi (A ‘pathi’ is a small town. 1 pathi houses around 50 adivasi families) on the foothills of .. Read More

TrueStory 2

Last year, she was contemplating suicide. She thought her world had come crashing down with the death of her husband. But today was his.. Read More

TrueStory 3

Mala had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was her first child. As she nursed the beautiful baby she thanked God for this beautiful gift. She was an illiterate. Read More

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life of children, families and communities mainly in rural areas through education, health and community development programs in order to initiate personal and social change thus helping them lead a fulfilling life.”