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Our Team
The full time staff of ThiruOli Charitable Trust lives in a village called NallurVayal (which is 30 kms from Coimbatore City in Tamilnadu, India). This village is located on the foothills of the Siruvani hills close to the forest.

We live in a small structure erected on the small piece of land which our founder bought in 2004. This is very close to a tribal settlement called Kalkuthipathi. As we actively work with the tribals here, we continue to live here.



We believe in simple living and selfless service. Our trust office and the house where the staff lives is a humble structure. We still do not have electricity where we are located.
Since 2004 till May, 2013 we did not have clean drinking water as well. In June, 2013 few noble people sponsored a bore well, motor and dynamo due to which we hope to get drinking water close to where we stay soon.

Our Values

  1. Servant Leadership
  2. Accountability
  3. Efficiency
  4. Integrity

We are a dedicated and passionate team working tirelessly towards the implementation of welfare initiatives for the underprivileged rural community. The values that we have imbibed from our founder and our work attracted leaders from various backgrounds to guide and mentor us. Thus the Board of Directors was formed.

Board of Directors

Name: Mr. S. Prabu (Founder)
Designation:Chairman & President
Qualification: B.B.A.

He is the Founding Chairman and President of the THIRU OLI Charitable Trust.
He is a writer and a proficient speaker. He is also a proficient musician and artist. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. He also has an American Craft Course Diploma in food production.

Since his childhood he felt a strong calling to serve the community. In 2004,the plight of a small group of tribals moved him to dedicate his life for the cause of upliftment of the underprivileged in rural areas.
In the beginning, he single handedly worked tirelessly and transformed the lives of many tribals.  Slowly like-minded people joined him.
Today he and his team are striving hard to enhance the quality of life of children, families and communities mainly in rural areas through education, health and community development programs in order to initiate personal and social change.
He is the source of inspiration, encouragement and strong guiding force not only to the underprivileged in the vicinity but to the staff as well. He is lovingly called ‘anna’(brother) or ‘aiyya’(sir) by all here.

Name: Mr. S. ThamaraiSelvan
Designation: Treasurer & Vice President for Finance
Qualification: Business Man

He is the Treasurer and Vice President for Financeof the THIRU OLI Charitable Trust.
He owns and manages an agricultural equipment production and sales business. He has taken personal interest in Mr.Prabu’s work since the very beginning. He has been so overwhelmed by the wonderful work done by the team that he has funded most of the programs and has championed for our cause extensively.

Name: Ms. Joanna Savitha Emmanuel
Designation: Secretary & Vice President for External Relations
Qualification: B.E., Former Manager in the IT industry

She is the Secretary & Vice President for External Relations of the THIRU OLI Charitable Trust.
She has worked in several Multinational software companies as a software engineer and a manager for 9 years. She has helped support many charities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

She has been associated with the ThiruOli charitable trust since its inception. She has been instrumental in planning and implementing several of our programs and projects. Her exceptional organizing and execution skills, combined with compassion and love for the people we serve has made her an immensely valuable contributor to the trust.

Name: Ms. S. Rubini
Designation: Vice President for Communications
Qualification: B.A.,

She is the Vice President for Communications of the THIRU OLI Charitable Trust.
For close to 10 years she worked with our founder Mr.Prabu to initiate personal and social change in remote areas. Her intense need to help and build people has made her work tirelessly for this cause.
She regularly gives tuitions to the tribal and other underprivileged children in the nearby villages. She is currently pursuing her BA in social work.
Board members serve without compensation.

We are a small group of dedicated staff. We all live in NallurVayal, close to the tribal settlement. We have been working with our founder Mr.Prabu for close to 10 years now.